Saturday, September 08, 2007

You bring change by working within the system

I actually agree very much with this quote by Hillary Clinton:

"You bring change by working within the system. You can't pretend the system doesn't exist."

It's very true, unless there is an overthrow of the current system and everything is started from the ground up, you have to work within the system to change it. It would be nice to believe that just by saying something is wrong it would stop, and there was a time when I was enough of an idealist to think it was possible.

While I'm not sure if the Newsweek article is correct in saying that A year before the election, Hillary Clinton seems like the safest money in the 2008 race. I do realize that informed voters are growing tired of the platitudes from candidates, presidential and otherwise, and they want to hear solid ideas that are actually possible to accomplish. Within the current system...

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Roland Hansen said...

To bring about change requires more than just criticism as many of the average citizens do and it requires more than just posturing as do many of the candidates for elective office.
It takes a whole bunch of people working together over a period of time to bring about change within the system.
Change is difficult to effectuate. Regardless of people stating they want change, most people resist change. It is difficult for people to go outside their "comfort zone" and that "comfort zone" is the environment with which they are familiar.

p.s. I prefer John Edwards to be the next President of the United States.