Saturday, September 01, 2007

Teenage bedroom drama...

As a parent of five, my youngest will in a matter of days officially be a teenager, this recent awareness of the magical "13" has created drama regarding her bedroom. As long term readers of the blog might remember she wanted her room to be what she called "princess pink" but most of us called pepto pink. The cute little pink quilt with the darker pink hearts is not considered Teen Bedding by her and the pink netting has to go as well.

In previous stages of living through the bedroom uprising it was hard to find Teen Bedding, bedding was either too "kidsy" or too adult. Thanks to the internet and the ability to shop online it is now possible to find items that fit her current mood. Vision bedding had quite a few items she liked, from Skateboard Bedding to other cool bedding we discovered a few bedding sets that while black would give the room a different look without me having to paint over the pink walls.

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