Friday, September 28, 2007

Sleep deprivation - a possible solution

I'm one of the many people out there that have problems with sleep deprivation, there are many nights where it seems impossible for me to "shut my brain off" to be able to fall asleep. This has made me almost a mini-expert on the search for an insomnia cure that doesn't leave me feeling drugged the next day.

The principle behind stems from research by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1893 and his discovery of what is called "Binaural beats", the simplest description would be using binaural beats is believed to influence the brain into reaching below the Alpha waves (relaxation) to Theta waves (Dreams/Deep mediation) to the desired Delta Waves (Deep dreamless sleep). I'm sure all of you know people who fall asleep to sounds of nature or other calming/soothing sounds, this is an improvement upon that concept since it includes the binaural beats. I have not yet tried this cd, but it does sound worth checking out.

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