Thursday, September 06, 2007

The rise of the online casino...

I like to do as many things online as possible, shop, research, order food, watch movies and play games just to name a few. The rise of the online casino for those who live outside of the United States, is due to people feeling exactly the same way I do. Rather than leave their home, they can take advantage of the internet to bet on sports from football to tennis or even to bet on horses. The UK version of the site I visited even had Snooker listed. You can also play poker on line through Bet365 as well as play in the above mentioned online casino.

What is interesting about this particular site is their desire to make it clear they want people to have fun but not have their desire to gamble for fun turn into an addiction issue. The website has a clearly identified section for "Responsible Gaming" as well as links to resources for those who think they may have a problem. They have been in business since 1974 which is important, it shows that they are dedicated to providing people with the ability to enjoy a gaming experience and want them to come back, and is also probably why they have 900,000 customers in 140 different countries. Bet365 also makes their affiliation with the IBAS (Independent Betting Arbitration Service) known which for those who know gambling, that's important. Hence if you are not a US resident and you are interested in online betting and gaming, Bet365 might be a site you will want to visit.

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