Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Presidential Election forum

Presidential politics is a critical decision that every American who votes has to face every four years. Trying to find out information on a candidate as well as how they stand on the issues can be frustrating at times. Many times we are left to sift through the campaign public relations machines to determine what the real position is on key issues. The 2008 Presidential Election Forum was developed to help you navigate the murky presidential information sea. Not only can you discuss each presidential candidate, republican and democrat as well as third party candidates but you can also discuss issues.

The forum is new, but with the way it is set up, I believe it has a great deal of potential for those of us who are interested in presidential politics. There is a contest to help launch the site listed on the forum with some great prizes and there is some discussion happening on the war in Iraq. What I found especially interesting is quite a bit of the Presidential discussion is about Ron Paul, it coincides with the high degree of internet support he has had as a candidate. I've joined as a member so perhaps I'll see you there.

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-Sepp said...

Ron Paul is the first candidate in my voting lifetime that does not leave me with the "lesser of 2 evils" feeling. Other than Dr Paul, our only two choices will be,
Enlarged facist government or,
Enlarged socialist government. Neither of them are going respect the constitution once in office.