Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Making change happen...Climate Change Channel

We only have one Earth, that's a statement I grew up hearing, and it is very true. Non-renewable resources will eventually end and if our civilizations get to the point where they have destroyed the environment, living here would be very difficult. There is a huge gamut of beliefs when it comes to topics like Global Warming. Varying degrees of opinions on how much of what we face is man made versus Mother Nature and what control we can have on important issues like climate change.

At first glance it may seem odd for a company like British Petroleum to be involved with a website like Energy Policy TV, but it makes sense, and if you watch the video linked above, people are asking questions. Trying to provide them with answers as to what companies like BP are doing when it comes to the environment is important. Given today's gas prices very few people are going to state that the oil companies are their best buddies, yet we can do more to conserve energy and we can also play a larger role in continuing to promote the concepts of bio fuels and other alternative energy methods.

From a political standpoint if we don't educate ourselves better on the topic of climate change and green energy policies, it's very difficult to listen to those who want us to elect them and know if what they are offering is realistic. When you take a look at the many videos that are provided on the sidebar, EPTV provides a great resource to learn more about what is being said both in Congress, at energy Summits and with interviews with Presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton, who states the focus needs to be on us being more innovative.

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