Friday, September 07, 2007

In the UK and looking for taps?

Here in the US you might think immediately of dancing when you hear "taps" or the military song, "Taps" but just over the sea to England, when you say Taps they immediately think of faucets. The place to shop online for taps and more with over 4,000 products in stock is, they have an astounding number of bathroom and kitchen items. I spent quite a bit of time visiting their website looking at the different types of things offered as well as making some mental notes to see if similar items were available here in the US.

Some of their sinks, including a granite kitchen sink with a minimalist faucet caught my eye immediately. Heated towel rails was another item that I saw that would really be nice to have when winter approaches, there is nothing like getting out of the tub and having a nice warm towel awaiting you. For those of you looking for the ultimate? even carries saunas and they offer free delivery to the UK mainland.

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