Monday, September 17, 2007

Hillary wanted to do lunch...John wants you to join him in The Big Easy...

Not long ago one lucky winner from Ohio donated to the Hillary Clinton for President campaign within the deadline to be selected to have lunch with a guest, Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Today in my email box I receive from the John Edwards for President campaign:

Dear Lisa Renee,
New Orleans has a special place in my heart.

Over the past two years, I have traveled to New Orleans on numerous occasions. It was from the front yard of a New Orleans home—destroyed by Hurricane Katrina— that I launched my campaign for president on December 28 last year. And it was from New Orleans that I started my Road to One America this past summer.

Soon, I will return to New Orleans to work alongside families who are rebuilding their homes and their lives. Will you join me?

I'm looking for five people who are prepared to get their hands dirty and work hard. I've asked my campaign team to select five supporters to join me in New Orleans. By contributing any amount you can afford between now and September 30th, you could be one of them.

I think I will make my own challenge, the next presidential candidate who actually emails me something of substance that does not include any type of a gimmicky ploy for dollars? Will rise high in my esteem and get some very nice blog coverage, more than once even and maybe even...My vote...

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