Friday, September 28, 2007

Hard Drive Recovery best left to the experts...

We come to rely on our computers and at times even though we know we should back up information just in case something happens, chances are several of you reading this are going to need Hard Drive Recovery at some point in time or face the loss of all of the information on your computer. Deciding if a failure happens that this is something that you should attempt on your own is not a wise decision, unless of course you really want to take the additional risk of completely losing all of the data your pc holds secret.

The right way to do Hard Drive Recovery is through an expert, preferably one who uses a class 100 clean room. If you don't know what a class 100 clean room is? Then you definitely don't want to attempt to open up your hard drive yourself. I consider myself pretty handy when it comes to computer repair but even I know that I don't have the experience, the skills or the training needed to attempt to do the repairs necessary for a successful Hard Drive Recovery or to be able to do data recovery if a repair is not possible.

While most times it's possible to recover data when you go to someone who is experienced, sometimes it's not and some places charge you the same fee whether they are successful or not. One of the reasons that people turn to DTI is they offer up front pricing quotes for Hard Drive Recovery. It goes without saying that they also have a class 100 clean room. Also of note DTI is authorized by ALL major Hard Disk Drive Manufacturers and they offer helpful information on their website so that the inexperienced computer user doesn't feel overwhelmed as far as not knowing if they need repair or recovery. DTI puts this in plain English, and having done tech support, how you communicate to the customer demonstrates your commitment to quality.

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