Thursday, September 27, 2007

The bedroom should be an escape zone...

For most normal people, the bedroom should be a place where you can escape the challenges of the world and enjoy some peace, quiet, and relaxation. Comfort is an important aspect to creating this feeling, and your choice of bed linen is a huge aspect of this. Even while I'm an exception to the rule of a bedroom being primarily for relaxing, with my blogging office being in our bedroom, when I am stressed out from local or national politics, it's nice to know a nice soft sheet set and a quilted bed covering are only a few feet away from me.

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Chad said...

Realizing your lack of space due to the full family, I know it's hard to find space. One of the rules I live by is making sure my bedroom is not a "work" space. I understand this is not really an option for you now, but I belive that a bedroom is for rest and comfort, not a lot of people get that with a "work" zone in there. I can understand the rational too.

If you have work in your room, then you have no real escape. Therefore, if, like in your case, the computers are inches away from the "rest" zone, how can one rest with all the blogging availble??

When I set up the master bedroom, I went out of the way to make it comfortable. I used serene colors, tropical theme, luxury linens(at clearance prices), and set a romantic theme in place.

There is a tv in there, but that's mostly for cleanning and sick days. We're lucky in that we have an ajoining sunroom that serves as an upstairs office, tho in a year we have yet to use it for that It has a dog cage and a desk...perhaps Jack will turn out smarter for it?? hehehe