Monday, September 24, 2007

al Qaeda videos developed to impact US not recruit...

In reading this article posted on the Washington Times website, Al Qaeda tapes grow in number, expertise it appears from the reports given the lessening response/support from middle eastern nations as to the ever increasing videos that these videos are being designed to attract our attention:
The use of subtitles in English, German, Danish and many other languages indicates something else about the messages, according to some analysts: They are aimed at the West.

"These messages are carefully tailored for a Western audience," said Raymond Ibrahim, a scholar of Islam and Middle Eastern history at the Library of Congress.

That may account for recent polling showing that, despite the increased sophistication of as-Sahab, al Qaeda's message is just not resonating with Muslims as it once did.

If the information being reported as to the decline in support of al Qaeda is accurate, that should be good news when it comes to terrorism. This further demonstrates that the real power behind al Qaeda here in the US is their ability to create "terror", which probably explains the reason why the messages are being geared to a US audience. If they are loosing support in the middle east, all they have left at this point is to try to keep in the news in the US, which could also explain the increase in the frequency of the videos being sent out.

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