Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What is a Thoof?

As I wondered what exactly is a "Thoof" and what could "Thoofing" possibly be, I first thought perhaps it was some type of mythical monster as pictured here. Something that big could call itself whatever it wanted, seriously who's going to complain.

Then I wondered, was some poor soul stuttering trying to sing the chorus of "the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire"? That could sound like a "thoof", but that doesn't explain what "thoofing" might be, unless it was jumping off of a roof...Which I don't think would appeal to many of us except for the few daredevils out there among us.

My flights of fancy ended when I discovered that Thoof is a personalized news service, where you can decide what news you are looking for or even submit stories of your own and Thoof takes care of it for you, yes, that would mean you would be "thoofing" your news. When you visit you'll see articles that have been submitted and there is a really nice screencast to watch if you want to learn how to really be a "thoofer".

There is a ranking aspect to Thoof called of course the ThoofRank Badge, but it appears how that happens is at this point a secret locked deep in the heart of Thoofdom...Seriously, it is something that's set to be released soon from what I understand and it could add a whole new aspect to those who love to...Thoof...

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