Friday, August 17, 2007

Teenage war on Acne...

For many of us the topic of "The war on Acne" would seem to pale in comparison to much heavier topics of late. Yet, if you are a teenager or one of the adults out there that is plagued by serious acne problems to you it's an important subject. Having had five children, most of my bunch during the teenage years had major problems with Benzoyl Peroxide, and if a product they bought to fight acne had too much then they faced dry skin and scaling which to them looked worse than the original pimples they sought to get rid of.

One of the things I noticed immediately about the TriClear acne treatment system was that it contains no Benzoyl Peroxide. If you have looked at some of the prices when it comes to acne skin care treatments some of them are very expensive, you can easily spend well over one hundred dollars a month for some of these products. TriClear does offer a free trial of their product line in which you only pay shipping charges for 14 days, you can read the full details at their website. I always recommend everyone read the full details before ordering anything online to make sure you understand the full terms and conditions before you click that final send. We have not personally tried the TriClear line but it does appear for some people it has worked for them in making them acne free.

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