Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On cats and cars...

When I think about cats and cars I can't help but flash back to the official "cat moving day" of a little over a year ago. The only hardy soul brave enough to help me was my oldest daughter, Emily. Two pet carriers - five cats which equaled two trips of cat moving with one cat that could be held on my lap while driving.

First three go somewhat smoothly except for the sound decibel factor. Pudgy who is the one cat who was not in a carrier was evidently trying to signal help from drivers of other cars. I believe she was trying to communicate that she was being catnapped against her will, however, none of the other drivers seemed to care with the exception of a few who pointed and laughed. That did not seem to amuse her. The other two in carriers, Tangerine and Liono screamed the whole way. I'm not sure what they thought I was doing with them but it was obviously not pleasant from their reaction.

In what felt like a several hundred mile trip we finally arrive. The dog is ecstatic, her cats are here! The cats are not pleased to see the dog. All three head immediately head for the basement, which none of these three have ever seen before. This seems to interest them, well except for Liono he decides to hide under the love seat.

Next round two, the two cats who I thought would be the worst. Axle who is almost 17 and has moved many times and Samson who normally freaks out like a wild caged animal when you try to put him in a carrier. As I am warning Emily to be careful, Samson walks into the carrier. Personally I think he was trying to make me look bad. He barely meows on the ride over. Axle lets us know he is not thrilled with the idea of moving again. Just as we pull up a major thunderstorm starts. All of the cats start freaking out and Liono runs upstairs and discovers there is not a vent cover in the bathroom yet. He dives for the vent, thankfully he was too fat to fall thru the ductwork so I was able to yank him out. Liono is again hiding under the love seat. Samson has discovered the bird feeder that Miguel put on the deck rail just a short time before Tangerine did. Jocking for window positioning has begun. Samson won.

Every time the cats see things go into boxes...I know they fear moving again...

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Larry said...

Obviously the cats only want one domain, though they can easily adjust anywhere.