Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Military Moms and will they vote D or R?

I'm always hesitant to lump groups of people into one category when it comes to assuming how they will vote. When John Kerry was running for president it was believed that college aged students could be a huge force at the polls when it came to supporting him. The reasons people end up supporting a candidate when it comes to the large numbers of those who are not closely affiliated with a specific political party can be impacted by the virtues of a candidate or even as a negative response to one of the other candidates. That said, as a part of the "At the Diners" series that the Washington Post is doing, today's article focused on Military Moms May Be a Force at the Polls

While I'm not sure how large of a trend this will be or if it will truly end up being "a force", it does raise the issue that some are looking at this issue seriously:

One need look no further than down the counter at the Red Arrow to find a military mom, Elaine Boule, the manager, who lost a brother-in-law to the war in Iraq and is about to abandon her lifelong pattern of backing Republicans to support a Democrat, possibly Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.)

Is Elaine Boule one of the only ones to feel that way? That will be discovered in the weeks to come...

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