Friday, August 03, 2007

Learning more about colloidal silver

Not to long ago when I was searching for information on how to fight a tooth abscess, I came across a few websites that had information on colloidal metals and the health benefits that some believe products like colloidal silver provide to those who use it. I then started searching a bit more to understand more and I learned that some formations of colloidal silver are better for topical application or if in a product that can be inhaled. Yet other forms of colloidal silver, like Mesosilver are designed to give a higher concentration of smaller silver particles and are said this gives them a higher variation of product use. Mesosilver can be used for the topical application or nebulized for an inhaler but can also be ingested orally and is considered more effective.

I have not tried either form of colloidal silver, so I can not tell you if it worked for me or not, but I do know that many people feel it has benefited them and that there is quite a bit of information and research out there on this topic if you want to learn even more.

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meeyauw said...

I actually know a woman who was given that stuff when a child. Her skin is now gray like silver. I have spoken to her, read her postings and medical reports (otherwise I wouldn't believe it) and legal papers. She has been written about often. She has had cosmetic surgery and other stuff done to get rid of it. Nothing works. She is in her sixties now. Stay away from that stuff!!