Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The frustration in trying to do the right thing...

One of the most frustrating things about my other blog, Glass City Jungle is the frustration that at times comes from the way I do things differently than here on LCS and the decision on how to do the right thing. Here on LCS, it is more about me and my opinion, on Glass City Jungle it's designed more as a way to facilitate information sharing and I try my best to keep my personal biases and my personal feelings out of the mix.

Glass City Jungle is one of the top ranked personal political blogs in all of Ohio, it takes quite a bit of work and an personal investment of myself to pull that off. I know I subject those of you here who are my loyal readers to sponsored postings here, I don't do that there, and at times I have to be honest, I miss the ability to just be able to vent which is why Liberal Common Sense will always be my favorite place to blog, even if it's not as popular as Glass City Jungle.

The high level of pettiness within some of the blogs in Ohio amazed me, there are actually people who have purposely voted Glass City Jungle as "terrible" in the ranking system developed by Blognet News Ohio, you might think this comes from the "conservative" side of the Ohio blogosphere, but it doesn't, it comes from those who realistically should be happy that GCJ is out there. This leads to moments like today when I discover that there are those within the Lucas County Democratic Party taking smack about me and that particular blog because I'm trying to do what I think is right. It reminds me of a conversation I had with my almost 13 year old daughter the other day when I stressed to her that for the rest of her life she would be placed in scenarios where she had to decide between what is right and what is popular, that it was something that I still at age 47 had to struggle with at times but that in the end, doing what is right is the preferred choice no matter the frustration or those who diss rather than support transparency....


Roland Hansen said...

I hear you and I can identify with that which you have stated. When I first started my original Roland's Ramblings a few years ago (upon the urging of my son Adam and my nephew Jason, both of whom had been doing extensive blogging back then but are infrequent at it now-a-days), I just rambled on with personal thoughts about everything. Then Jason, who hosts my blog, changed providers or whatever they are called which resulted in my original Roland's Ramblings being thrown out of publication.
It took me awhile to decide I would start Roland's Ramblings back up under theglitch.ws (it had been under warpedthoughts.com) and in doing so I decided to make it a blog that was for education, information, and political science. Hence, as an educational blog, I very rarely put in my own opinion. Even though next to no-one reads or comments on Roland's Ramblings, I have continued it because I love learning and I learn every day because of the format that I have chosen to use for Roland's Ramblings.
That's neither here nor there; but I guess you can see why i came up with the "Ramblings" part of my blog name. At any rate, I tried my schtick with Toledo Talk and with SwampBubbles when it came to expressing my opinion. The problems (to me) that I encountered in those forums were the barrage of name-calling, belittling, bashing comments from anonymous trolls and flamers who added very little to productive positive dialog, the pirating of message threads, and the lack of good, solid participation with message threads I had started. I know first-hand about being the subject of harsh criticism, a lot of which is made behind my back and at times by some people who feign to be my friends.
I find Glass City Jungle to be far more poignant. As of late though, to be honest, a couple posters who comment on GCJ seem to want to monopolize some of the threads, banter back and forth with one another, and take it off-topic -- the peculiar thing about that is they seem to be some of the same folks that do it at TT and SB. Fortunately for me, you LisaRenee reel it back in after allowing some leeway.
So, I do understand the frustration. To top things off, in order to offset my own frustration, I started a second blog just a few weeks ago called Roland Hansen Commentary. That is the place where I freely make whatever comments I want to make without the hassle of trolls, flamers, topic hijackers and the like because I do not allow anonymous posters. I write my opinions about what interests me personally in the world of politics, current events, citizen participation, etc. There has been very, very few readers of (or comments by others left on) Roland Hansen Commentary. The fact remains that it is a place where I can just let it all flow.
Keep the faith, LR. You do good work! You are a refreshing breath of fresh air for this old used-up, chewed-up, has-been.
I know this is a very long comment but I am known for my RAMBLINGS. Now, I am out of here.

Head Spinner Scott said...

One thing I have learned is that all politics is for wankers. Both parties are for freedom of speech as long as it is in their favor. Other then that, if it is not blatantly pro-their opinion, it is against them.

Lisa Renee said...

I read your blogs and I enjoy what you share very much Roland. I guess I'm just going through one of those time periods where the frustration bothers me more than normal.

Maybe that's part of it Me4 - I'm afraid I'll turn into a wanker too...


Roland Hansen said...

I go through those times (I'd rather not say periods, if you don't mind) quite often.
Support from others such as you is what has kept me going.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I try to read all of your posts too Lisa and Roland, but it seems like I'm always playing catch-up and I do so need to therapeutically blog on my own more than I do, or I will surely go more insane.

In all of your efforts remember that some of us lurk more and post less, but we do read ;-)