Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The benefits of a writing community

As some of you who are long time readers know, I wrote and self-published a book a few years ago. It was a great experience but there were times when I could have used advice or it would have been helpful to have access to those more knowledgeable than I was during that process. The concept of a writers circle is not a new one but with the technology of the internet this makes it easier than ever before writers to share information and to learn from each other.

I spent quite a bit of time visiting, My Writers Circle, it is obvious it is a long established online forum that has been in existence since 2005. The various options the writers circle offers is impressive, from providing information on possible jobs to critiques of various forms of writing. The membership appears to be active and from the posts I read, opinions were being offered with honesty with constructive suggestions to those who asked as opposed to only offering critical commentary. If you would like to become a better writer, or are a writer who would love to participate in a supportive online group focused on writing? I recommend visiting My Writers Circle.


Larry said...

My friend Lydia Cornell is about to finish her first book and she has also searched other ways to learn this process.

Lisa Renee said...

Larry, I've visited the blog where you write and she writes, from what I've read there, I believe she would create a very interesting book.

I opted for self-publishing through Cafe Press since I knew the market for my historical family journey would be a smaller one.