Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bard of Bushworld Denounced

Interesting title selected as the "gotcha" one on the main page of the Washington Post website, which then leads to the text of the article that is titled, Bush's Muse Stands Accused. I'd guess someone was really into trying to be the Muselike Bard of the WaPo with that adventure.

The text of the article brings into question did Michael J. Gerson really come up with some of the sound bites that he's been credited with or was it someone else:

According to Matthew Scully, who worked with him for five years, Gerson is not the bard of Bushworld but rather a "self-publicizing" glory hog guilty of "foolish vanity," "sheer pettiness" and "credit hounding." In Scully's account, Gerson did not come up with the language that made him famous. "Few lines of note were written by Mike," Scully says, "and none at all that come to mind from the post-9/11 addresses -- not even 'axis of evil.' "

You could ask yourself does it really matter who wrote what? It appears to some it does.


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