Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vegetarian Shoes...

No, vegetarian shoes are not shoes that you can eat but shoes that if you are a vegetarian or a vegan that you can buy knowing that no animal products were used in the creation of your footwear. It's a very important issue for many to be able to find 100% Vegan Shoes and Bags. One of my daughters who is a vegetarian was teased by her siblings as to her choice of having one leather belt. She didn't realize it was a real leather belt, and there is of course some debate within the sibling bunch as to was it real or fake leather since it didn't say which it was on the belt.

This did however make her start to think about the types of things she buys since she has decided to be a vegetarian for both health reasons and because of animal cruelty issues. Having a place to shop like Vegetarian Shoes and Bags gives her the peace of mind that a) she's following what she believes and of course b) she can tell her siblings to shut up.


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Holly said...

OMG, totally cool! And the prices are really good too. I found an awesome handbag for less than $35, which is the same or less than I'd pay for a bad at a department store. Very cool site, thanks so much for sharing it!