Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Now this is my ideal of a dream rental home...

My challenge was to look at the many houses for rent listed at www.rentals.com and to pick a home that I'd want to rent. When I first visited the website and saw there were listings for Ohio, I did not expect them to have listings for the Toledo area that I live in. Yet, they did, and I found this fantastic dream home in the nearby village of Ottawa Hills, which is one of the more exclusive areas of my part of NWO. If you take a look at the pictures provided of this home, you'll see why it earned my "dream home" staus. Yet, www.rentals.com also has homes in many other areas of Ohio and the United States that are a bit closer to what our price range would be. The website is very user friendly and it's an easy way to take a really good look at a rental property before making arrangements to visit in person, there is also an easy online way to contact the landlord if you know that is where you'd like to call home.


TLC said...

holy house!

yeah, i could totally see myself living there! :) [i wish!]

maybe if i win the lottery i'll just buy it and have really big parties, a la 'The Great Gatsby'!

Holly said...

WOW! That's definitely a dream home. That kitchen is to die for! Although I'm not quite sure I'd use the raqcuet ball court, but maybe it'd be a good room to use for scream therapy....LMAO! Looks big enough that we could rent it together ;-)