Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I want a Comfy Sack!

In doing a Lovesac & Comparison, I did quite a bit of research. I looked at the different sizes of these giant foam seating units and Comfy Sack won out in that category, they even have a huge 8 foot Comfy Sack! I then took a look at the fabric selection in both color and type of fabric. Again, Comfy Sack offered more options than Lovesac including the 5 ft Special edition Susan G. Komen Pink Microsuede Comfy Sack of which $25.00 from the sale of each one of these special edition Comfy Sacks is donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

By now you are probably thinking that with the additional colors, sizes and the special foam that they use to make Comfy Sacks that they would be priced much higher than Lovesacs but the Comfy Sack is lower in price, the 6 foot style is almost two hundred dollars less and they even included shipping and handling for a very accurate comparison.

Those of you who have followed my living room dilemma know I've been looking for just the perfect item from a comfort and from a price standpoint. I have to say looking at the 6 foot or 7 foot Comfy Sack does look very appealing. I probably would have to get a smaller one too or get two of the 6 foot as I can imagine all of our cats deciding that the Comfy Sack was for them and not for humans...I do know one advantage of the micro suede cover is that material is very easy to remove cat hair from, which is another plus...

This all leads me to believe in doing a Lovesac & Comparison, looking at selection of size, color and material, looking at the price difference and a five year warranty rather than a two year warranty, Comfy Sack would be my choice.


Stephanie said...

That looks a lot like the Cloud Nine my boys have for therapy! I guess somebody decided what's good for therapy is good for everyday life, too!

Retta said...

I totally miss having gigantic bean bag chairs to lounge around in. I want a comfy sack too!

Anne Dizon said...

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