Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Debates after the debate continues...

While the debate had some unusual twists using YouTube to ask questions of the candidates, the day after the debate the usual did happen. Candidates doing damage control, trying to clarify statements made and throwing a few jabs at other candidates.

I'd guess by now Obama is wishing he would not have made the pledge to not go negative, as it appears he has not been able to pull that off, despite the compliment of Hillary's coat, things appear to be getting "chilly" between the two.

The Washington Post, outlines the coming divide:

That fault line is Clinton's experience versus Obama's freshness. More Democrats prefer a change-oriented candidate, but the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll showed that Clinton's strength and experience continue to trump what Obama has most to offer.


Head Spinner Scott said...

I like Obama, but don't think he is right to be president yet. I just think he needs more time to develop a national personality beyond charm.

Head Spinner Scott said...

I should say that I also don't like Clinton. She just doesn't make me want her to be president although I wouldn't feel overwhelming disappointment if she was elected. I think I am leaning Edwards.