Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The country is disgusted with everybody...

They are two very different Democrats: Neil Abercrombie is a liberal from Hawaii, and John Tanner is a Tennessee conservative.

The congressmen were on opposite sides when the Iraq war began. But they're now joining forces to try to break partisan deadlock on how to end it.

"The country is disgusted with everybody," Abercrombie told CNN. "They think the president is being stubborn. ... and they think Congress failed to act in a responsible way. We have to change the direction of the conversation."

Okay, most of us probably agree with that, especially with the "The country is disgusted with everybody" part. So what are these two planning on doing and is it nothing more than another grandstand scenario where nothing happens in the end?

Abercrombie and Tanner -- along with five other House Democrats who span the political spectrum -- are pushing legislation to force the president, within 60 days, to give Congress his plan for getting out of Iraq.

At this point I say grandstand scenario where nothing happens in the end but I hope I end up being wrong...

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