Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The CNN/You Tube Debate...reactions

I didn't get to watch the debate since I was dealing with daughter drama which made me sad because I was invited to a CNN/YouTube debate party. But I have read the transcript and I started venturing around the blogosphere to see what others thought. I have to say I found it sad that something promoted as being revolutionary thanks to YouTube wasn't on YouTube as only a few clips were online to watch. Not even the candidate videos they were asked to make, so it doesn't seem as if CNN or YouTube was really serious about being anything other than a novelty at this point.

In what was slightly different as far as the focus, on Feminste Jill thought that Hillary won and gave an interesting montage of what she found creepy and there seems to be some debate as to Edward's comment about Hillary's jacket versus Biden commenting on Kucinich's wife was more creepy.

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Head Spinner Scott said...

I saw a guy who started to ask about slave reparations, but didn't watch anything else of it. I had to go outside to grill and then eat. I wasn't sure I would like the format anyway. Although I like citizens being able to answer the questions, I prefer them to be there or at least live.