Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Searching for Web Analytics services

I've tried other Web Analytics services out there and have watched the company go out of service or been frustrated by the lack of information that is provided. Even with my private domains that I have other blogs on, the analytics that come with the hosting are complicated to understand and are not done in real time. That said I was a bit skeptical when I first visited myRT Homepage, where it was stated that no only do they provide real-time service but it's free. Not only is free but it's not ad supported and they state they hate spam as much as we do.

I decided to try myRT out to see how it worked. Sign up was a breeze, the installation process to add the code was done in a very easy to understand manner and it takes about two hours for the web analytics to be accessible for this blog. That alone is a major plus since other services out there can take over 24 hours to pull the first data. I'll update later to let you know how it compares in real action, but so far? So good..


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