Saturday, May 05, 2007

No life insurance?

I was recently surprised in having a discussion with a small group of people when the topic of life insurance came up how many of them had no life insurance at all. With all of the available types of insurance out there, including no exam life insurance it appears one of the primary reasons for this is budget concerns. With income staying the same and expenses going up many times people feel as if they can't afford life insurance.


Anonymous said...

With our busy lives it is hard sometimes to make the time for the necessary protection our family needs. No exam life insurance can be a quick and affordable option that you can take off the things to do list easily.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Quick, surely, affordable though is another matter.

The most expensive insurance known to man is the "no exam" variety, as this lumps you in with those who cannot easily qualify for "regular" types of insurance.

The high cost is hidden by the use of the mysterious terminology of "per unit" pricing.

Compare the price say, for $ 10,000 of coverage, and you'll quickly see for yourself.

Besides, life insurance is for your heirs, not you.

With or without insurance, you're still going to die. And, when you do, it's no longer any of your concern.