Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This is what our troops and the Iraqis experience over and over again...

If you have ever wanted to really stop and think about what part of the huge problem in "fixing" Iraq is, I really recommend you read this Washington Post article that points out without a doubt the obstacles, the attempts to help and how it all can be destroyed in a flash. Yes, it's a long article, but if you read all five pages you'll walk away with just a slight look into what is happening there and if you are like me you'll wonder when we will get more information.

While hundreds of Iraqis are dying every day, I'd like to know at if this one family who had already been thru so much managed to survive.


kateb said...

I hear you. The difference between my family and this family is a circumstance of birth.

I feel ashamed to feel this way - but I am so grateful that I was born in America.....I don't have to worry, yet, about my kids being blown up in a supermarket, in their schools or in our home. I don't have to be afraid that we won't be able to meet again at the end of the day and I know it's a fact of life for these people. Every day.

I feel guilty - because I know I am no different in the way I love my children than Iraqi mother. We are only separated by the places that we happened to be born.

Emily said...

That's terrible. Worth the read though :-(

On a positive note, I like your new banner!