Thursday, April 19, 2007

PowerLinx on the move...

In reading this press release that announces, PowerLinx Announces Groundbreaking New Audio and Video Products for 2007, at least one of the products listed as being released I know will be of interest by members of my house. I have a pretty good idea that my youngest would love the Tune DogTM, since she is notorious for losing earphones for her iPod, the ability to play the music everywhere in the house using the existing wiring? Will be good for her, and possibly not for me depending on the song choices on her iPod (smile). On the opposite end of the spectrum as being not entertainment related, PowerLinx's IP Netcam design sounds as if it would be a great option for security, creating a way to have several cameras working without having to hardwire them.

PowerLinx is also releasing two additional new products that you can read about on their press release. They are a publicly traded company on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol PWNX and this new product line has created quite a bit of discussion as well as anticipation that the stock value will increase as consumer interest and purchasing increases after the release. So, if you dabble in stocks? You might want to not only await the release of these products but take a look at PowerLinx from an investment standpoint.

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