Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Plastic Surgery 101

I consider myself an informed person when it comes to most topics, I do quite a bit of reading and research, yet I have to admit the more I read about plastic surgery the more it hits home to me how far technology has come in the field of medicine and plastic surgery. It's not just the number of plastic surgery procedures that have increased but the techniques and variations used to perform these surgeries has grown. The plastic surgery trends change on a regular basis, which is something that is helpful about creating the website Plastic Surgery 101.

It is written by a plastic surgery group with the goal of providing information to potential patients, they don't attempt to hide that fact. Yet the information they share there is a good resource to anyone wanting to learn more about the procedures and who might be considering plastic surgery even if they don't live in the area this particular group of doctors serve. I know I've learned more than I knew before...

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