Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Obama comes in second in fundraising...

Today's Washington Post reports:

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Democrat Barack Obama raked in $25 million for his presidential bid in the first three months of 2007, placing him on a par with front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton and dashing her image as the party's inevitable nominee.

The donations came from an eye-popping 100,000 donors, the campaign said in a statement.

The figure was the latest evidence that Obama, a political newcomer who has served just two years in the Senate, has emerged as the most powerful new force in presidential politics this year. It also reinforced his status as a significant threat to Clinton, who'd hoped her own $26 million first quarter fundraising total would begin to squeeze her rivals out of contention.

Clinton hasn't released specifics on how much of her money was designated for the priimary only so Obama could very well lead when it comes to collection of primary dollars.

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Hooda Thunkit said...

Apparently that has changed, Obama has more primary money.

What's interesting though is that he has roughly 100,000 contributors to Hillary's ~ 50,000.

And, ~90% of Obama's donations are for about a hundred dollars or less...

Do I smell an upset in the making?

Perhaps ;-)