Thursday, April 12, 2007

John Edwards on reducing our carbon footprints...

I just received an interesting email from the John Edwards for President campaign focused on the topic of reducing carbon emissions with a goal:
As part of our Global Warming Action Month, I'm launching a personal carbon reduction pledge and asking everyone who shares our goal of ending global warming to take part. You can find out how many pounds of carbon you can personally conserve through simple personal choices, and then take the pledge to make those choices in the coming year. It's also a perfect way to share this information and build commitment from family and friends who are looking to make a difference on this critical issue.

Will you do your part to help reduce carbon emissions? Just pick your actions, learn your total and add your name today:

I stopped by the website and read the information presented there. It was very easy for me to see how I could reduce carbon by 4,568 pounds in our family.


Head Spinner Scott said...

We already replaced all of our light bulbs and I rode my bike to work most days last summer, but there is still a lot to be done at our house.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I was trying to write something witty, but John Edwards and his palace, and Al with his...., they're both hard to take seriously.

In this case, the Unabomber has them beat hands down.

Now if those good ole boys want to live like Ted did, maybe they would be believable.

Right now, living in their mansions, their just flim-flam artists peddling their snake oil to the gullible tourists.