Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm not liking the new Dolphin's coach...

We NEEDED a quarterback, and I can't believe we did not go for the "Mighty Quinn", not only a killer song as an aside but it's really hard to see why Ginn was selected. Infact when I read this Columbus Dispatch article, I'm left with the feeling that this was some type of an almost political old boy thing rather than the selection being based on what the Dolphins really needed.

I want Shula back! Yes, I would have been one of the ones booing Cam Cameron, infact I was booing him as I read the draft results and saw they went for Ginn.


Cyberseaer said...

So are your wet mammels looking for another less than perfect losing season? I don't know which management team is wosrt right now, the Dolphins or the Lions? Looks like we both will have our plates full with the Pats. Now that Randy Moss is there, he'll be the threat he once was, because he'll have a QB that can throw the long ball to him.

As for the Jets, the draft this year was ok, nothing compared to last year, but with a little more strength in the defense now, I say that the Jets should get into the playoffs again. Maybe win the division. I can only hope.

As for you Dolphin fans, there's always 2008. At least you aren't mathamatically out this time two years ago when the great Rick Williams retired. :)

Big ((((((HUGS!!!)))))) to Lisa to comfort her for another crappy football season

Lisa Renee said...

Yeah, my Dolphins will be wet mammals if this is any indication of how are season will go.

Thanks for the Hugs, I needed them (sniff...still missing Shula)

Don't get me started on Ricky Williams...