Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here's something that should be publicized...

Why not just put out the calling card of "ATTENTION ALL TERRORISTS"...Nuclear Weapons Plant Guards on Strike!. Five hundred guards walked off the job at midnight which means even under the best replacement scenario it's not going to be as secure as it was before. That is the first impression given by the headline and still slightly remains as a concern once the full article is read.

Yes, the official response says it's not a concern:
Energy Department officials said there is no cause for security concerns at Pantex or at other weapons plants that have sent security guards to participate in the contingent force.

"Security and safety are paramount at Pantex, and they will not be compromised regardless of any circumstances," said Bryan Wilkes, spokesman for the Energy Department's National Nuclear Security Administration. "Both safety and security will continue to be consistent with the conditions that existed prior to the guard work stoppage."

What's interesting is what the main reason behind the strike is, and it is one that could have been avoided, with new stringent physical requirements older workers who can not meet these qualifications have no other career path option that is offered to other governmental workers.


Dave said...

The best way for terrorists to find weakness in hot targets in this country is to watch TV news and read newspapers. Reporters want that exclusive to be the best and the hell with national security. And to think that I was thinking about being a journalist. If I did , might have been the last one. There are no journalists anymore, just sensastional hacks.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Fit security, especially for high profile targets only makes common sense.

There should be options available for the more experienced security workers, management perhaps. Typically that IS a career advancement.

There should always be value in migrating experienced workers where there wisdom can enlighten others...