Friday, April 20, 2007

Blogspot bloggers can be venture capitalists too...

As it happens sometimes, there are paid blogging opportunity on PayPerPost that would be an awesome one to do, however, blogspot blogs are excluded. Normally what happens is if the opportunity requires a higher page rank than my blog that's on it's own domain? I just sigh and move on.

However, this time I'm not, I'm not writing this as a sponsored post to be paid, I'm writing this because I believe I know of an internet based company that not only has promise but would be one that I think VC Dan should take a look at, so I'm answering his challenge given for the sponsored opportunity. A local man, that I think highly of, has launched a creative idea for this area, a local internet television station for Toledo, Ohio. He and his company are also launching a similar television station in Columbus, Ohio. To learn more on their ideas they do have a Power Point demonstration.

Why I think this is a great idea is not just the income/advertising potential, but the huge impact this could have on my community. The ability for people to reach out to others using this medium is limitless, as an example, local non-profits could have a way to get their message across rather than rely on free 30 second PSA's. Political candidates could have a way to reach out to voters without having to raise huge amounts of money for small tv ads. The creative talent of the Glass City could be showcased in a way never seen here before. Some areas have a local access channel that provides some of the potential I see, our area does not. To me, this is a way that would not only be a great venture from an investment standpoint but one that would be a great venture from a community standpoint as well.



VC Dan said...

very interesting -- thanks for the heads-up!

Yes, I'm sure blogspot has their share of VCs too..this was my first opp since the segmentation tweaks so I was playing with all the toys!

Lisa Renee said...

Dan, I understand that and thank you for reading the post. Perhaps one day we can have a conversation on why I think the free blogging services like blogspot actually provide a better service to advertisers from a long term standpoint as opposed to paid domains.

As I wrote, this time it was an opportunity that I felt paid or not should be written about and I was sorry I wasn't eligible.