Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Texas House says no to mandated HPV vaccine

From today's New York Times it's being reported that in Texas:

The House voted 119-21 on Tuesday to approve a bill that would keep the vaccine off the list of required shots for school attendance. The measure was likely to get a final House vote Wednesday to send it on to the state Senate.

Considering some of the questions concerning the vaccine, the fact that this should be a parental choice and not mandated given the cost of the vaccine and the side effects and the questions surrounding Gov. Rick Perry's connections to drug company, I think they are making a smart move.

I'm disappointed to learn that Gov. Bill Richardson is planning on signing a bill in New Mexico requiring girls to have this vaccine. It's being wrongly promoted considering they do not even know how long the vaccine works for, there is no booster developed and it does not protect against all of the HPV strains.


Jonathan said...

Thank goodness. This mandatory vaccine (that just so happened to coincide with Glaxo's company timeline) was a bad idea from the start.

Anonymous said...

I blogged a couple of weeks back that Perry should be impeached over that action. The idea of a governor abusing his authority to order a vaccine for children...reprehensible! Thanks for the head's up on Richardson and the Texas legislature.

Important news that needs to get out.

Hooda Thunkit said...

But, someone will receive a positive benefit from mandating this vaccine, the Drug Company!

Somehow, that should be the least concern in this whole issue, IMO.