Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Social networking and coupons...

What happens when you take a social networking platform and partner it with online coupons? You get They have updated their site and they are better than ever! Right now they have 12,107 coupon codes listed on their site, and the larger their membership grows, the number of the coupon codes offered will grow too. The forum portion of MyCoupons has been in existance since 1997, which by forum standards demonstrates a solid community. They also have a blog.

I like their very clearly defined FAQ page because it clearly states that the site is free to join and gives all of the details anyone would want to know before joining. You can also see from visiting the site that you get an instant idea at what type of coupon deals are out there from reading the front page of their website. They also offer an Affiliate Program for those of you interested in making income online. Which means they just about have it all, coupons, social networking, free membership and an affiliate program.


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