Thursday, March 15, 2007

Marketing tips for small businesses

I'm always interested in learning more about marking, so this information on Small Business Mavericks Do Smart PR caught my eye. There is a new eBook out there entitled, "How to Get Massive Publicity for YOUR Local Small Biz, Even on a Shoestring Budget" it is the latest release from the Small Business Mavericks and they have much more than just that if you are interested in learning more about how to become a "Maverick", including a free sign up for their free e-zine so that you have any questions as to what exactly they can do to help you, that's a small taste of the benefits. I signed up for the free e-zine and they gave me access to a free eBook, "Local Small Business Internet Marketing Secrets". They also have a members only forum for those who decide that they want to take full benefit of the website by joining. They also have a blog that has some really helpful information, today's post was about podcasting, which is something I'm trying to learn how to tackle.

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