Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Libtards? How about just plain tards?

Yesterday I had a visit from Jenn of the Jungle, who seemed surprised that I was sorry to hear that Tony Snow's cancer returned. At first, her surprise, surprised me so I headed over to visit her blog, Screw Politically Correct BS", where it seems there is a large focus on a few on the left that don't necessarily represent my way of thinking or some of my friends who are less or more left than I am seem to think. I read the Washington Post comments that Jenn was focusing on where she suggested the "Libtards were showing their true colors". There were a few people who made comments that were out of line, but in the pages of comments I read yesterday, a majority of people were either decent or were taking issue with some of the extreme comments.

Here is what I am going to suggest...Too much time is wasted on a few who are extreme that do not represent the majority of Americans. Just as some on the left are guilty of focusing too much time and energy on those on the right who are more extreme, there are those on the right who spend too much time focusing on some on the left that are too extreme. So, I suggest we remember, that not all of us are extreme and that these "tards" of both groups? Point out their behavior by all means, but don't assume we all are like that. In this olive branch offering moment of stating, We are all not Libtards...I offer the below video....



Hooda Thunkit said...

Silliness like this always seems to come from the extremes, and it always ends up being aimed towards the vast majority in, or near the middle...

You know, without these extremists, the rest of us could probably get along just fine.

Head Spinner Scott said...

I am not a Snow fan, but I also don't wish disease or illness on anyone. I may see a little poetry in President Bush getting an illness that stem cell research may help, but I do not want it to happen to him.

This is why I have tried to avoid writing and talking about politics lately. There are way too many wicked people out there and they are getting revved up early. I have bigger things to think about then John Edwards hair, Obama's father, or McCain's wives. I want to know who I can trust and who is most closely related to my beliefs.

If Satan supported programs for the poor, better education, better health care, and equal rights for all, I would consider a vote for Satan. However if Satan said he supported something but acted in opposition to his statements, I would not support Satan.

I also would not vote for Santa Claus if he was opposed to equal treatment of gays and was for large tax cuts