Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's Link Lovin Thursday and a musical selection...

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Now...this song reminds me of a very good friend, so this one goes out that special someone who knows who they are... :-)

There are more details in the comment section but, the SEIU District 1199 in the Youngstown, Ohio area would like you to visit their website to sign an epetition and take other action to help them.

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forumupdate said...

We ask for your help in the difficult contract negotiations between SEIU District 1199 and Forum Health in the Youngstown, Ohio area.

Forum wants hospital workers to pay for their bad decisions and mistakes with drastic and unnecessary changes to their Health Care and Pension benefits.

The Hospital reports system-wide operating losses of more than $23 million in 2006 (mostly attributed to the wages, salaries and benefits of employees) and says that such losses are not sustainable. What they don’t say is that the losses include fees to consultants of $26 million. Without those fees, Forum would show a profit of $8 million. Since the $26 million in fees will not be paid in future years, Forum’s long-term prospects are as bleak as Forum suggests.

Dr. Ghezzi, the temporary CEO, and other out-of-town executives hired a New York investment banking firm to put a price on Northside and Trumbull Memorial hospitals, all while painting an unduly negative picture of the future for the system. Forum won’t make a commitment to the people of the Mahoning Valley regarding a plan to provide healthcare services going forward. Plus they provided NO commitments to the Union regarding the level of employment at the various hospital departments. Instead, Forum threatens Union members with negative scenarios rather than stating their intentions.

Forum demands $24 million in cuts from pension, health care and wages. Our members recognize that we have a part to play in financial relief for the system and we propose more than $8 million in relief. We recognize the Hospital’s needs, but we need a partner who is willing to do the same. Forum refuses to share critical Information with the Union or the public. They only say that the Hospital’s creditors demand concessions from employees, though these assertions were never backed up with evidence. The Union formally requested a meeting with Forum’s creditors to verify Forum’s claims. Forum refuses to allow this meeting to take place.

Take action and take a stand to protect hospital workers at Forum Health and quality care in the Mahoning Valley.

Here’s what you can do: Go to and

Sign the on-line petition

E-mail the board members at Forum Health to influence their decision

Send a letter to the editor (suggested comments are available)

Please forward this email widely to friends, family and concerned neighbors. And please be sure to sign the on-line petition.