Sunday, March 11, 2007

I cursed my luck with GoDaddy...

Yesterday I had a small tech issue with my paid domains, and while solving that I made the mistake of complimenting the GoDaddy support person on how great things had been with GoDaddy compared to what used to happen to me at blogger.

Then...this two blogs on the paid domains went down and have been down ever since.

So...I'm sorry all of you GoDaddy people out there, I will never ever ever comment again about how the service has never gone down.



Garry said...

Lisa - the problem is apparently related to this morning's early change to Daylight Savings Time; my own GoDaddy hosted site went down about 1:30pm. Other servers are also having DST problems today.

Lisa Renee said...

Thanks Garry, I knew it wasn't just me when I went to the support page but it was just so ironic that I praised them yesterday for not having ever experienced any downtime then today...*poof*