Monday, March 19, 2007

Anti war sentiments growing in those aged 50 plus

Or is it a matter of people just finally becoming more vocal the longer the war in Iraq continues? That I think could be debated both ways, however, this CNN article is using poll information to make this statement:

When President Bush announced March 19, 2003, that U.S.-led forces had begun military attacks, 15 percent of Americans 50 and older strongly opposed the invasion, compared to 18 percent younger than 50.

Four years later, the fighting is opposed by 52 percent of Americans 50 and older, and by 42 percent younger than 50.

The CNN poll of 1,027 adults was conducted by Opinion Research Corp. March 9-11. It shows that support for the war has dropped 40 percentage points since 2003, while the number of Americans who say they strongly oppose the war has doubled.

Just after the war began, 72 percent of Americans said they favored the war; today only 32 percent do.

Once again the reminder that despite the science attributed to polls, the reality is all it does truly protray is how that particular group felt. Now, if they re-contacted the very same people who they had originally asked and they had changed their position on the war? That to me would be an even larger statement. It does not appear from the information given though that is what happened.

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