Thursday, February 22, 2007

Police blow up foul-mouthed CDs blaring in church?

Okay I admit, I couldn't understand how or why that would happen until I clicked on to the CNN article and saw that the CD's were not blown up because of the foul language but because there was some concern that they might be bombs given the nature of how they were duct taped to the bottom of some of the pews.

I couldn't help wonder though, if the items are blown up doesn't that reduce the chance of getting evidence such as finger prints? It does appear that one device was kept for "clues". I guess it's a good thing they weren't really bombs considering this:

Church staff members took the CD players to the basement and called police, who sent the bomb squad, Johnson said.

Which futher makes me wonder since the CD players had already been moved...well you get the picture...



Anonymous said...

Now that is Funny.

Anonymous said...

It's the work of the gays. They are pissed off that the Archbishop of Santa Fe is holding the line on homosexuality. Google trinity stores and harvey milk.