Friday, February 16, 2007

Making an impact with the internet in politics...

I think almost everyone who visits me here, knows I'm a political junkie, so it was with a degree of "yeah okay sure" I said to myself when I heard about Rebutter and their motto, Politics will never be the same. So I headed over, prepared to be honest yet critical, and I was surprised. The site has an interesting format and it does share exactly what is promised,

Rebutter is a way for you to respond to speeches made by public officials and politicians, executives, athletes, etc. If an official has made a speech you can respond point by point.

The floor is yours.

Not only does it provide a chance for people to rebutt but it also ranks the top rebuttals as well as who has had the most rebuttals. It also shows the newest ones and it is a member rated community as far as the decisions on what you give a thumbs up or a thumbs down too. I can see where this would be a site where I could potentially spend quite a bit of time not just reading but participating. Right now the most rebutted speech is the recent one given by Barack Obama, and it was very interesting reading what others provided as their thoughts on this speech. Some of course I agreed with and some I did not but the majority of the rebuttals I read during my visit there were not attacks they were very thoughtfully provided thoughts. So yes, I do plan to join and yes, I will participate and I think sites like do have the potential of thru discussion creating some much needed common ground points. Or at the very least, at least trying to understand an opposing viewpoint...

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