Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hillary wants our thoughts on her oil plan...

Since I shared an email with you on what John Edwards proposed to do about health care, I felt it was only fair to share part of an email I received from the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton:

Dear Lisa,

It's time to end our country's dependence on foreign oil. Unstable prices at the pump are a burden for families. Our dependence props up extremist regimes that threaten our national security. And the threat to our environment from burning fossil fuels is very real.

Solving this crisis will take genuine leadership. Hillary has proposed a plan to help end the cycle of dependence: put some of the oil industry's windfall profits into a fund that would help develop practical new sources of renewable energy.

Although it's a simple idea that can have a big impact, that's apparently the last thing some people want. After Hillary announced her proposal, the same Republicans who have neglected energy policy came out of the woodwork to denounce her plan.

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Head Spinner Scott said...

I also have a plan. It is complicated though. Instead of paying to get oil from other countries, the government buys us all bikes to ride to work and makes safer roads for cyclists. This will cause Americans who ride to get healthier and reduce health care costs. We could also get serious about new technologies because without foreign oil, we will run out of energy soon.

Of course, there will still be cars.

Hooda Thunkit said...

If Hillary wants us to become independent of foreign oil, then maybe we should:

1. Drill our own oil here, keeping our oil money here.

2. Encourage (Grants, Tax Breaks, etc.) alternative fuel research here.
(And not necessarily fuel from corn, which raises the price of corn, artificially. There are grasses that need little/no cultivation, that produce fuels with much less expense other than harvesting.)

3. Encourage coal gasification. We have hundreds of years worth of dirty and/or low yield coal which can be turned into various CLEAN fuel products.

If our oil money stays here, it benefits us, instead of our Middle Eastern "friends..."