Saturday, February 03, 2007

Even better deals but with an new name...

VR Hosted has changed it's name to Net Actuate. The same reliable services with their dedication to Open Source projects has not changed. The same level of customer service has not changed. The same attention to multi-homed architecture and custom tailored design, server colocation has not changed. What has changed is there are some great special deals being offered by Net Actuate right now, as an example, hosting at ten dollars a month for 5GB space, 10 domains, 100GB transfer. Even better for just $15.00 a month you get double, that's an excellent deal in comparison to other hosting packages I've seen recently.

Net Actuate has also recently started offering website design, which makes their Managed Services a start to finish operation for a business, from domain registration, SSL certificates, mail services, managed DNS, intelligent monitoring, hosting, colocation and the new web design? There's no reason you would have to turn to anyone else for your web needs.

For me though, the support of Open Source is a big reason to recommend Net Actuate, while other companies may say they allow Open Source finding one that supports the Open Source platform with the same level of intensity that Net Actuate does would be difficult.

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