Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Chinky" pleads guilty...

I guess in the better late than never department comes this news from CNN that Albert "The Old Man" Facchiano also known as "Chinky" pled guilty to racketeering conspiracy and a New York charge of conspiracy to tamper with a witness.

What makes this case interesting is he is 96 years old. Which means jail probably isn't going to happen though in reading the CNN article it's possible:

A "made member" of the United States' largest and most powerful Mafia family for decades, Facchiano was a low-level figure, according to the FBI. Born in 1910, his arrest record dates back to 1932. He served eight years of a 25-year sentence on federal racketeering charges after being arrested in 1979 and was 79 when he was released.

If Facchiano goes to prison in the most recent case, he will be among the oldest inmates in the U.S. According to U.S. Bureau of Prisons records, there were 30 inmates 80 and older as of the end of 2003, the last year complete records are available.

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Hooda Thunkit said...

So..., we'll have to retrofit our Federal prisons in order to make them geezer friendly?