Monday, February 19, 2007

Another reason to celebrate President's Day

My oldest daughter, Emily, is 22 today. Her birthday often falls on President's Day, which before the days when she was in College, she would enjoy the day off of school as part of her birthday celebration. The University of Toledo where she attends does not consider President's Day to be a holiday. Ironic, but then again many people work today it seems to be one of those government, bank, school holidays rather than one for the majority of the public.

Emily will probably be coming to a movie screen near you in the future, she was recently filmed for a documentary that is being done on the Rube Goldberg competition that she has participated in locally. A California filmmaker flew out this weekend to record her and her team in their preparations for this upcoming competition.

So...Happy Birthday Emily and let's hope their project is the winner this weekend so they move on to the next competition.



roman said...

Another year has gone by and she's still a pain in the as*.
Happy Birthday Emily, hope to see you soon so that I can deliver my hits.

Roland Hansen said...

Happy B-day, Emily!

Head Spinner Scott said...

Happy birthday.

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Emily! Can't wait to see your entry this weekend!

TorAa said...

Just waiting here to to see todays birthday "child" on a movie theatre near me (Oslo, Norway). Hope you win.


valbee said...

Happy Birthday, Emily!

For what it's worth, UT does consider today to be a holiday. But we work today in exchange for having the day after Thanksgiving off. Or so I'm told. :)

Lisa Renee said...

I'm sure she'll post later as well as deal with you later too *roman*. I know she's looking forward to you guys coming out to watch Friday, Holly.


Once the documentary is done Torra I promise I'll figure out a way for people to see it, even in Norway.


Lisa Renee said...

Thanks Val! I guess that makes sense in the world of day off negotiations.