Monday, January 01, 2007

Why make promises you don't intend to keep?

That's all I can really wonder after reading this Washington Post article. If the Democrats really had no intention to involve Republicans with or without the whole first 100 hours thing then then why bother to pretend?

A few Democrats, worried that the party would be criticized for reneging on an important pledge, argued unsuccessfully that they should grant the Republicans greater latitude when the Congress convenes on Thursday.

It'd be nice to know who these Democrats are...I'd like to know who believes keeping their word is important...


Stephanie said...

Good point. Though, I do wonder how anyone could have taken them seriously on that part. Payback's a bitch and all that. Perhaps they honestly believe they were elected on their own behalf, instead of elected as the voters' way of thumbing their nose at the controling party.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Anyone who believed the "rhetoric" obviously forgot that this is "take no prisoners" politics as usual.

Say whatever it takes to get elected and then run roughshod over your opponents the first chance you get.

Doncha love the raw deceit?