Monday, January 15, 2007

Who is the most Monsterous E-Commerce Retailer of the Year?

I love electronics and gizmo's and gagets, so I was happy to read one of my favorite places to browse/dream and shop received the Most Monsterous E-Commerce Retailer of the Year Award from Monster Cable Products, Inc. in Las Vegas, Your Electronic Warehouse. For those you who also love technology you might be aware that Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada just recently happened. That's a dream of mine someday to be able to actually attend, to see first hand some of the new and creative ideas that could be headed to places such as Your Electronic Warehouse.

In addition to having over 400% growth in sales of Monster products, Your Electronic Warehouse is also the only online retailer that allows customers to buy most cables in any custom length. Your Electronic Warehouse has quite a bit of the Monster Product line including Monster Cable, Monster Power, Monster Performance Car, Monster Cable Pro MI, Monster Mobile, Monster Custom Install, Monster Computer, Monster Photo, Monster Central Control, IlluminEssence Lighting Systems, Monster Music, Monster THX, and M-Design.

Monster Power is a special favorite of mine and I will not use any other brand. For me one of the awesome thing about Your Electronic Warehouse is their reward program.

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